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'Fort Christanna, 1714"

A gicle print image of the 18th Century Fort Christanna based on historical documents, letters, and journals of the period. From an original painting by John Kincheloe. The prints are archivally framed. 

Fort Christanna was a colonial fur trading center built in 1714. With five 100 yard-long, this pentagonal fort encompassed 3.5 acres. Inside its walls were five bastion houses for supplies and dense, a school for American Indian children, and structures for the Rangers and for livestock. Five canon defended the fort that would never come under attack. As many as 15 tribes traded or signed treaties at this fort that in its day was the westernmost outpost of the British Empire. 

For the the perspective of the Indian people of the region, the fort sat alongside an ancient trading path. For the tribes of Virginia and the Carolinas, the interaction with the colonists there brought native people new trade goods, new diseases, and new dependencies on European trade goods.

The print, of course, will not have the watermarks. Contact the press for details about this print (image size 11" by 14 3/4"), and about the limited edition larger print (image size 16" by 21").      
Item #A00010

Price $175.00 

If you wish you may order items directly by emailing orders@spiritlinespress.com

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